Local Seasonal picture by Louise Lavaud
A Local Seasonal encounter by Louise Lavaud

Who are we?

Local Seasonal is a French non profit on a mission to celebrate biodiversity along the seasons, create social ties, reconnect with Nature and between us, by creating places and moments of sharing, promoting collective development and harmonious exchanges. The non profit seeks to apply the principles of permaculture: taking care of people, taking care of the earth and sharing equitably.

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Our campaign

Free pots for Education

Distribution of Kokopelli seeds to initiate to urban agriculture and upcycling of everyday objects.

Peas in coffee cups in London

Read How to grow happiness
by Michel Deudon on Medium

Collaborative menus

Open source contribution - Pyfood and Chocapi to come - to raise awareness of the benefits of a vegetarian diet, local and seasonal.

Soup of the day menu in London

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Workshops and tutorials

Organization of entertaining, educative and artistic activities, for example extraction of natural pigments/fragrances or ecopaiting.

Artistic workshop in Berlin

See Palette di Stagione
by Elena Aversa on Behance

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Calendrier de saison perpétuel